Types of Bed Sheets and Their Differences

Do you think that when you buy sheets online, you have to take different precautions than when you buy the sheets in a physical store? No. The process is the same, and you will not need to do anything extra to succeed in your purchase and always get a product that suits what you were looking for.

First of all, you need to know the size of the sheet you need. Typically, the size of the sheets is specified according to the size of the bed. Still, if your mattress has unique measurements or you want to be sure, you have to check the measurements in each product's specifications. 

Once you know the measurements of your bed, you need to look at the different types of sheets and their differences, which we will tell you about later. Once you are clear about the measurements and the type of sheet you want to buy, you must choose the model you like best for its design, color, and price.

For all this, we can say that buying sheets online is even easier than in the physical store, because once you know what you want, you can use the filters so that on your screen appear only the products that fit what you need, and it is easier to choose because you can even sort them by price.

Natural or Synthetic Fabric

The composition of the sheets is one of the first points to consider. We can make, to begin with, two main divisions:

Natural Fabrics: This would include silk, linen, or 100% cotton sheets.

Synthetic Fabrics: Polyesters in their different compositions.

Among the natural fabrics, the most sold is 100% cotton, either in its natural finish or in percale. Cotton has many advantages as it is very soft, has a unique touch, and does not produce skin allergies. Among its disadvantages, we highlight that it gives more work, as it shrinks very quickly when washed and wrinkles a lot, so it requires a lot of ironing.

There are very different qualities among synthetic fabrics, so we cannot put them all in the same package. Quality synthetics are usually associated with prestigious brands, which invest a lot of money in research and development, always looking for new blends that provide more excellent softness, better reactions on the skin, and are very easy to wash and dry and iron.

Of course, you can opt for mixed fabrics. One of the most sold is 50% cotton and 50% synthetic material.

In this way, a balance is achieved between the advantages of one material and the other, obtaining an excellent product at a fantastic price and with good qualities.

Fitted Sheets and Traditional Sheets

Today, it can be said that the market is dominated by fitted sheets, as they are very comfortable, and all manufacturers have surrendered to their advantages. However, traditional fitted sheets are still available.

When buying a taller than average mattress, fitted sheets may not match that size well and may come loose quickly. In these cases, traditional sheets that fold under the mattress are more suitable, as you only need to buy one size larger so that there is enough fabric to hold under the bed.

Some people prefer them because they are much easier to fold and iron and look nicer in the closet. But this reason is becoming increasingly rare, and few diehards do not surrender to the comfort of the fitted sheet.

Types of Thermal Bed Sheets 

Thermal sheets have evolved a lot in recent years. In the beginning, we had only one option for typical winter sheets: flannel. Flannel is a very soft and warm cotton fabric. It is common to find flannel blends of cotton and synthetic fabrics nowadays. Flannel has all the advantages of natural materials, but it also has drawbacks in wrinkling or shrinking with washing.

The first synthetic thermal fabrics on the market were the so-called Pyrenean sheets. They were hot but at the same time very thin, which made them dry very quickly, something quite important in winter.

Nowadays, with all the evolutionary work carried out by the major brands, other fabrics have been created, such as Coraline or silk, which are very soft, thick, and warm, easy to wash and dry, and do not even need ironing.