Is there a more comfortable place than our bed? Considering that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, knowing how to choose and invest in bedsheets is essential. Nowadays there is an endless range of options and prices. But don't despair! Here are ten tips for choosing quality, weather-resistant sheets.

A good night's sleep starts with soft, cozy sheets that allow your body to breathe. That's what to look for when dressing your bed. Here are ten tips for choosing quality, weather-resistant sheets.

1. Go For Cotton

This natural fabric is machine washable and breathable. Long-staple cotton is the strongest and softest. Longer fibers also mean the material won't pinch to feel softer longer. These high-quality cotton sheets tend to be more expensive, so it's OK to consider polycotton, which is generally more affordable than 100 percent cotton, and, as a bonus, wrinkles less.

Linen is also a great natural fiber. It's especially ideal for summer because of its lighter weight and breathability, but it wrinkles easily, even more so than cotton. Here are some other ways to make your bed.

2. Choose Sheets by the Number of Threads

The first big myth to debunk. It is often believed that the higher the thread count of the sheet fabric, the softer and more durable it is. Is it true? No, a 300-thread count sheet made with high-quality cotton can be more comfortable than a 600-thread count version with lower quality fiber. Today, there is a wide variety of materials available, where the difference lies.

3. Texture or Fabric is Also Key

The material from which a sheet is made is intertwined, joined, or combined is also decisive in assessing its quality. Not surprisingly, the weave of a sheet directly affects its feel, its appearance, and even its possible duration. Of course, all this will also influence its price. As a tip, we recommend you consider the possibility of acquiring sheets whose fabric is percale. This neutral and cool-touch fabric is increasingly used, although satin is close behind. The latter is considered warmer and softer.

4. Look For the Finish

Sheets are often treated with chemicals to ensure they don't wrinkle or lose shape. Some manufacturers make organic cotton sheets with a "pure finish," meaning no chemicals. Although organic sheets may wrinkle more quickly than the chemical alternative, many consumers prefer organic. We recommend feeling the sheet in person and deciding what you like before purchasing. Here are other ways to make your bed cozier.

5. Evaluates the Process and Place of Manufacture of the Bed Sheets

Many experts say something that may seem surprising: even when the same material, the same number of threads, and the same weave are used, the quality of the final product can be very different, depending on where the sheet is manufactured. Thus, as paradigmatic examples, France and Italy are considered two countries particularly experts in manufacturing all types of textiles.

This is not to say that the material is not essential. Egyptian cotton is also considered one of the best in the world. However, the same is not valid for Egyptian manufacturers. So, the next time you are considering an overpriced sheet, we recommend looking at its place of origin. It may be the reason for the high price.

6. The Design of the Sheet

Bedding is a fundamental piece to collaborate with the general design. Choose sheets with a motif according to their style and dare to innovate.

7. Choose Bed Sheets for Each Season of the Year

Depending on the temperature you want to maintain in your bed and how often you want to change, it will be the key to choosing the sheet type and how many sets to have. Keep in mind that sheets that look like summer sheets can be used all year round. Just add a bedspread and a blanket to make your bed cozier during the cooler months. Bedding made of natural fibers allows air to circulate, unlike sheets made of 100% synthetic materials.

8. Look For the Sheet Size That Fit Your Bed

Check the size of your mattress before buying sheets. Nothing is more uncomfortable than bedding that is too big or too small. A sheet that doesn't fit perfectly is no good. There are many types of mattresses and varied dimensions. In addition to the width and length, the height of the bed must be considered.

9. Choose the Sheets According to their Functionality

Everyone will determine what they are looking for in their bedding. Maintaining an adequate temperature; choosing the best quality/price option, practicality: for example, ironing free, among others. Depending on the functionality you want, you will have to choose suitable sheets.

10. Complete Your Bedding Set

The sheets are essential because it is what will allow you proper rest. But the comforter will be the "cherry on the cake or the cake" so its correct choice is also essential. Make sure that this duo gets along well to guarantee a pleasant rest.