Best Tips for Washing Your Jersey Fitted Sheet

Have you experienced the wonderful feeling of waking up to a freshly smelling jersey fitted sheet? Clean and well-maintained bed sheets are the key to a good night’s sleep and a happy wake-up in the morning. Clean and fresh-smelling bed sheets give a relaxing and refreshing feeling and keep you energetic and productive throughout the day.

There are also numerous health benefits of clean bedsheets and the list of benefits goes on and on. But where does it all start? What’s the key to fresh and clean bedsheets? In this blog, we will give you some of the best washing tips for your bedsheets.

How Often Should You Wash Them?

Changing your jersey fitted sheet or cotton sheet every once in a while, is a rule of thumb. The same goes for pillow covers, duvets, and other bedding items. Generally, you should wash your bed sheets after every two weeks, however, if you can handle your laundry and it doesn’t seem like hefty work for you, then you can wash more frequently as well.

Pillows don’t make piles of laundry, so you can wash them once every week to keep them fresh and clean. You can devise a washing schedule and wash your pillows, cotton sheet set, and other laundry items separately to avoid stocks of laundry and prevent yourself from getting bogged down with washing it every week. Keeping multiple sets of sheets is another way to prevent yourself from frequent washing days.

Washing Steps

It is always best to follow the guidelines that are mentioned on the label of your jersey fitted sheet. The information provided on the label is very important. The care for your bedsheets starts before you buy them. By carefully choosing the bedsheets and buying from a reliable place, you can make sure that the bedsheets are of good quality.


Before you toss your bedsheets into the washing machine, keep the following things in mind:

       If there are any stains on your sheet, clean them before putting them in the washing machine.

       Don’t overload the washing machine.

       Separate your sheets from other clothing items.

       Check the label of your sheets and use the correct settings.

       Use a gentle detergent

       To maintain hygiene, it’s always best to wash your sheets in hotter water.

Once you have carried the above checks, you’re all set to go!

Below are some extra things to keep in mind for washing certain types of bed sheet materials.

Microfiber Sheets

Microfiber sheets can be washed with warm water but you should not use fabric softeners as they can block spaces and make the fabric less breathable.

Cotton Sheets

While washing your cotton sheet, you can use either warm or cold water. Cotton is one of the best natural fabrics that can be washed without problems.

Jersey Fitted Sheets

A jersey fitted sheet can be washed in cold water to prevent the fabric from shrinking, however, you can use warm water to properly clean it.

Silk Sheets

You need to be very careful while washing silk bed sheets as their fabric is delicate. Wash them with cold water and use a very gentle detergent.


Your sheet’s label will give you the best guidelines for drying. A few things to keep in mind when drying your bedsheets are:

Hang-drying is always the best option if you want to be very gentle with your sheets, your fabric will remain soft and you can prevent your sheets from shrinking.

Do not dry your sheets in direct sunlight. Use a pedestal fan to dry your sheets quickly.

How to Keep Your Bed Sheets Smelling Fresh

Often due to harsh detergents and improper drying, your bedsheets may not give you the nice smell you expect after washing. Therefore, you should make sure that your bedsheets are smelling fresh after washing. One way to ensure a freshly smelling jersey fitted sheet is by using a scented detergent. But also be careful while choosing a scented detergent as there can be extra chemicals in it which can damage the fabric of your sheet.

Essential oils are another way to naturally give a fresh smell to your bed sheets. You can use a combination of essential oils and use it in the form of a spray or sprinkle it over your jersey fitted sheet before removing it.

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